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Mentor disciple gift gift It is often seen. surprisingly, is an American college sports teacher learned that their favorite shoes of obsession, the collection of his son's first version of Air Jordan 1 presented to him. The teacher profound friendship and apprentices shed tears of gratitude can imagine, but the teacher's son, what is the situation now. It can make nothing of it... air-jordan-1-gift-from-gy cheap foamposites m-teacher.jpg (96.52 KB, download times: 0) download attachment teacher gifts students Air Jordan 1 first year sneakers 2016-12-1 10:04 upload Air Jordan 1, aj1, the first year, teachers and students, presented 00LeBron series of shoes has always been in the solid shape for the design of the main line, and the Nike Basketball is the design of the most incisive play brought a new color version of Chrom cheap jordans for sale mens e Black. The new Megafuse vamp by black scales instead, like wearing armor warriors, and flanking black Posite by silver metal decorative Swoosh is more like a razor. nike-lebron-12-ext-black-chrome.jpg (454.78 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 EXT Black Chrome 2015-3-16 09:23 uploadUK shoe store size and Nike teamed up with Pop-up to set up shop to showcase its latest launch of the Pack B Retro jordans for sale ase Tech series. The design of professional athletes specifications, using technology to grasp the design of a warm and very functional, in the bad weather can also show the best performance. This series will launch different cut and color, this series will only show one week in Street size's Carnaby shop. In addition, during the event can also be a restraint of your pet dog. Let's enjoy the pictures above. cheap jordan shoes for men source: HYPEBEASTclosed wheel in the end is not faster than the ordinary wheel group?with their own drivers or iron three athletes in training (SHAO) practice (CHE) on the road to go farther and farther, the requirements of the equipment has become more and more high. It is well known that in bicycle riding high, more than 80% of the work of driver is used to fight the wind and even make any improvement in cheap jordans online the aerodynamic performance can let a person million (Zi) (WO) Xin (Wei) hi (Jie). a pair of good wheel group has always been the importance of the bicycle parts wheel group of every driver's importance is self-evident. So what should we do to evaluate the performance of a pair of wheel groups? The first must be the weight. Currently on the market popular brand integrated wheel weight is basically concentr Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ated in 1000g-1400g (a pair), no one is willing to spend ten thousand yuan to change a pair of 1800g wheel group to participate in the game. Followed by rigidity. Slow speed, shake rub the car brake wheels have been spurned by the people is, fortunately, after several rounds of R & D, improving, at present all brand wheel group of rigid is remarkable. Again is the aerodynamic performance. Putting it in the Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping last place is not saying it is not important, because it is a topic that we should focus on today. Especially in the iron man three competitions and bicycle individual time trial, no group of breaking wind. When you go alone against the oncoming wind, a pair of aerodynamic performance excellent wheel group can add to your confidence, and in the ideal state, in each one kilometer can you win a few seconds of cheap jordans for sale time advantage from the opponent's body. mentioned here refers to the "ideal state" is a calm, flat road. In this theoretical situation, wheel of the wheel frame is higher, the lower the resistance, the faster the speed of nature. Under the impetus of this principle, the closed round came into being. No closed design the spokes of the bicycle tail can integrate the airflow, thereby reducing drag. Its popul Retro jordans for sale arity thanks to the early 1980s driver Moser Francesco using a closed wheel before and after breaking the world record for the 1 hour cycle. In the early stage, iron three athletes are also beneficiaries of the closed round, but the use of the degree is far less than those in the extreme pursuit of aerodynamic performance of the timing of the players in the popularity of. then the closed wheel in the end is Cheap air jordans for sale not faster than the ordinary wheel group? How much faster? I know you won't believe the data without the data. Xiaobian site in the wheelbuilder find the enclosed wheel and wheel group compared with the pneumatic test data, here to share with you. From the figure draw the conclusion: at high speed, closed wheel from different wind attack angle on aerodynamic performance are than aluminum wheel or wheel frame group more excellent, drag is smaller, faster. but in the actual game, the closed round really worth to use it? I think it can be based on the track conditions combined with the following aspects to make judgments: 1, track fluctuation degree seal 〉 in order to meet the upcoming Dallas, Texas, opened in the AAU gauntlet Basketball League, adidas for creating the League exclusive D Lillard 1 "the gauntlet" color, expression of the brand for the high school league and market attention. Shoes in the design of the continuation of the first signature shoe for the simple outline, the eye-catching metallic silver to create the shoe body, black and white texture pattern tongue and boots add texture. Finally, equipped with white ink in the bottom and the blue translucent sole present. Unfortunately, this D Lillard 1 will not be commercially available for mass production, special League player. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: sole